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Guide to Septum Rings

Good old septums - and as many people say one of the most controversial and noticeable piercings out there. They are edgy, bold and whoever wears them gets a lot of attention.

Over the past few years, they've become one of the hottest trends and they can be seen everywhere. From celebrities to rebellious teenagers and regular punters - everyone is loving them.

The origins of septum piercing are very interesting and in many cultures, this beautiful piercing means something different. The Septum piercing was beloved by the Aztecs, the Mayans, and the Incas. They wore a variety of jewelry, but jade and gold were the most popular because of their religious associations. The modern-day Cuna Indians of Panama continue this practice by wearing thick pure gold rings in their septum.

The piercing is also popular in India, Nepal, and Tibet, a pendant “Bulak” is worn, and some examples are so large as to prevent the person being able to eat, the jewelry has to be lifted up during meals. In Rajasthan, in Himachal Pradesh, these Bulak are particularly elaborate and extremely large.

Additionally, Septum piercing was widely practised by many North American Native tribes. The name of the Nez Perce, a tribe of Washington state, stem from their practice of piercing the septum: Nez Perce is French for “Nose Pierced” and was given to the tribe by the French fur traders. (source:

Nuu-chah-nulth, also called Nootka, North American Indians who live on what are now the southwest coast of Vancouver Island, Canada, and on Cape Flattery, the northwest tip of the state of Washington, U.S. the Nuu-chah-nulth were whale hunters, employing special equipment such as large dugout canoes and harpoons with long lines and sealskin floats. The whale harpooner was a person of high rank, and families passed down the magical and practical secrets that made for successful hunting. (source:

Many people are scared of committing to the real deal and the thought of the pain and long healing process really puts them off. Many people have different reasons why they do not want to get their septum pierced and it's completely understandable. Luckily, fake septums are widely available and if you feel like changing your style without commitment, they are a great alternative! Here at Tribalik, we are big fans of both and we totally support people's choices; whether they're sporting real or fake septums we have something for everyone! Silver, brass or gold plated, tribal or simple designs- whatever floats your boat we'll have it!

Check out our top picks:

Rose gold plated faux septum £25

Silver faux septum £12

Brass real septum If you decide to get a real septum make sure to choose the right salon and an experienced piercer. The quality of body jewellery is super important as well - inform your piercer about any allergies you have and follow their aftercare instructions thoroughly. This way you can be sure your piercing will heal well and will be looking amazing for many years!

Brass real septum £12

APACHE Plain Silver Septum Ring for Pierced Nose - 1mm

Silver real septum £15

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