Collection: SANDSTORM

Sandstorm Capsule Collection

The design of this collection has been in the making for 18 months. As with many things in the last year, the pandemic has thrown some hurdles our way, but these pieces are finally ready and we couldn't wait to share them. New ear plug and ear weight designs just dropped and we know you're going to love them!

The Sandstorm collection is inspired by desert tribes across the globe. Inspired by the beautiful tattoo art of the Berber Tribeswomen, an indigenous Northwestern African group. Big, bold earrings emblazoned with a motif is inspired by one of their most enchanting tattoos.

Designs adapted from antique jewellery worn traditionally by nomadic tribes in India. Using bold symmetry to create a unique and intricate piece.

Barbed wire designs inspired by the spikes in nature across desert terrain. This collection takes natural inspiration and give it a street-chic vibe.