Collection: AWAKEN

AWAKEN Collection

We at Tribalik are always really inspired by beautiful patterns with meaning, and we love to turn them into jewellery. We are not a fashion jewellery brand, we are here to make a statement, be bold, be unique. Always at the forefront of new jewellery trends and defining unique expression.

In this collection we blend a mix of beautiful natural stones, floral and geometric patterns. Next level ear weights, septums and earrings.

We're also introducing our NEW Threadless Ends collection. Threadless Ends are the latest trend in the piercing world and we have a huge selection for you to enjoy and get creative with! Our Threadless Ends are made of 18k gold plated brass, sterling silver and 14k solid gold. Read our guide to threadless ends.

With this collection we want to inspire everybody to feel free, more than ever and we want you to be able to decorate any part of your body in an exquisite way, in this time of uncertainty let's AWAKEN.