The World of the Threadless Ends for All Piercings

The World of the Threadless Ends for All Piercings

Welcome to our stunning new Autumn Winter collection for 2020, conceived during lock down but in the making for over a year. 

Threadless ends or push in pins are the new versatile, do all, fit all body piercing jewellery. The designs we have for you this season will blow your mind. They have titanium pins which are hypoallergenic and the prefered body jewellery piercing material.  

Grid of Threadless End piercing jewellery in multiple different piercings


They're the answer to all piercings in your body, ears and face. You can mix and match, move around, layer up and lush up. Commonly known as threadless ends, push in pins, piercings, and body jewellery. You choose your pin based on the beautiful design you like and add the end that you think best matches your piercings location, personal preference and your body. We are pretty damn excited about these, and being small and gorgeous they don't get in the way of your daily active life. 

silver and turquoise threadless endslotus gold threadless endtitanium end

Semi precious gemstones and funky designs to adorn your facial and body piercings with effortless beauty. They are made from 14 carat solid gold, 18 carat gold plating or sterling silver and are lead, nickel and cadmium free. 

Here is a guide to help you choose and make the most of your threadless ends. 

  1. Choose a pin or pair of pins.  
  2. Then choose the back most suitable for your piercing and your body, this depends on where you are adorning yourself. Once you have chosen your back follow this graphic to fit. 
how to wear threadless ends
  • Choose nose bone backs for noses.
  • Flat backs bars can be used for facial or ear piercings as they sit flat behind the piercing. You can use these for labrets, medusa piercings, monroe, dimple and facial piercings. You can also use these for helix, forward helix, tragus, upper lobe, standard lobe, anti tragus and other types of ear piercings. 
  • The barbell curve bar are great for eyebrows, nipples and belly piercings. They're also great for ear lobes and come in 1.2mm gauge with length of 8mm and 10mm.
  • The barbell bars are double ended so you need to buy two pins to fit in each end. The sizes are 1.2mm or 1.6mm gauge with length of 10mm up to 42mm. The longest ones are great for the industrial, bridge and nipple piercings, and ear length piercings.  
  • Conversion bars are used to convert threaded piercing items into threadless piercing, you can screw any 1.2mm (or the 1.6mm) threaded piercing balls from any other piercing you have, such as the ball screw tops off belly bars. You screw these into to the threaded part and make it in to a threadless piercing and slip the pin into the other end. These can be used for a variety of facial and ear piercings.

The Pin

Threadless end pin

Nose Bone Bar 

Flat Back Bar

Barbell Curved Bar

Straight Barbell Bar

Conversion Bar


So choose a beautiful threadless end for whichever piercing you would like and choose the back you need to finish it off and enjoy being stunning. You will love our new collection. We have created the most luxurious piercings in very limited stock and we won't repeat them all so get your favourite pieces now. If you need any further advice don't hesitate to contact us or ask us on social media

Check out the new collection and AWAKEN Your Unique Spirit.

Love and Light

The Tribalik Tribe




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