Care Instruction for Keeping our Jewellery Beautiful

All our jewellery is made using high quality material, crafted by hand. Here is our care guide explaining the best way to keep your Tribalik adornments in pristine condition. Show them the same love and care that went into making them.

How To Care For Your Septums, Tragus, Labrets and Other Facial Piercing Jewellery

When putting on the pierced septum or body jewellery gently twist to the side to open and slide into your piercing, carefully pushing it closed. Do not pull open. Please remember this is a delicate design and needs to be handled with care. Also choose the metal which is right for your skin. Everyone’s skin is different and what materials affect each person’s skin differ. Gold and silver are the best metals and least likely to cause any reaction.  Septum jewellery made with brass, gold and silver when in close contact with moisture can tarnish or occasionally can irritate your nose.This is due to the piercing being in cartilage and in close contact to moisture. If you keep your piercing clean and you don't have any allergies to these metals you should be fine. We also stock surgical steels which don’t tarnish in contact with water. You can avoid tarnishing your piercings by cleaning them with natural jewellery polish. They will then shine like new.using natural cleaners such a bicarbonate of soda or lemon juice.

Changing Septum Piercings

Please do contact a professional piercing for advice.

Your septum is usually pierced with a ring of 1.6mm / 14 gauge. This is to ensure it is wide enough for your skin to heal around the piercing rather than reject it. So make sure you wear this size for at least 6 weeks to 3 months depending on your skin's ability to heal itself before you change jewellery.

How to Care For Your Earrings

Please select a high quality metal that your skin will enjoy such as gold or silver or even natural materials such as wood. Keep away from moisture and take off when bathing. You can clean with a specialist jewellery polish to shine like new again or use a natural cleaner. Please store in a hard box with cushioning to avoid breaking, especially our shell earrings. I also recommend getting backs for your earrings even dangly or hoops to avoid losing them.

How to Care For Jewellery When Stretching Your Ears

Organic material such as wood bone shell or horn are the gentlest on your ears. Other metals can irritate, surgical steel the least likely to. You can clean with a specialist jewellery polish to shine like new again or use a natural cleaner.

Please do contact a professional piercing for more stretching advice.

We recommend starting with a 2 mm starter stretcher on pierced ears which have fully healed. You should always clean the earring and area first with anti bacterial liquid. Slowly insert your starter piercing. Clean daily while healing. We recommend only stretching a mm at a time and use a natural oil for lubrication before stretching, often after a hot bath your skin is easier to stretch. Make sure you keep moving the piercing around to ensure it doesn't stick. Wait until you ear has completely healed around the stretcher, this often takes a few weeks, then stretch further or purchase the next size up. The spirals are great as they often start at about 2mm and can stretch right up to 4mm or larger.

Keep an eye on our blog and our you tube page for more details advice for stretching and piercings.

How to Care For Your Rings

Ensure you buy the right size and keep away from moisture. Silver and gold will tarnish much less and will be fine to keep on during bathing although gold plated will slowly lose the plating over time. You can clean with a specialist jewellery polish to shine like new again or use a natural cleaner. Brass rings can leave a mark when first wearing but this tends to lessen over time. 

How To Care For All Other Body Jewellery

Please receive professional advice from your piercer if you are having difficulties with your piercing and discuss the correct size to keep your piercing happy and length of time before changing. Also ask for advice on which materials will best suit your piercing. For metals you can clean with a specialist jewellery polish to shine like new again or use a natural cleaner.

Only use metals you know your skin enjoys. All our metals are finished to a high standard and all our silver is at least 92.5% sterling silver. Our gold starts at around 14 karot gold. Our gold plated jewellery usually plates high quality sterling silver. Our natural metals are listed in the descriptions as to their properties. Our other metals include stainless steel which is great for body piercings as this is surgical steel and is less irritable. We stock brass and white bronze which is a beautiful metal to work with and is a great metal for fashion jewellery. It can irritate piercings if in contact with moisture for long periods but many of our customers find this metal a lovely affordable option.

Please contact our dedicated customer service team for any more advice.