Marvellous Mother of Pearl

Marvellous Mother of Pearl

The versatile natural beauty of Mother of Pearl is a highly sought-after material, with it's iridescent uniqueness and opulent shine having attracted people for centuries. We love embellishing our jewellery with this stunning organic texture that has connections to femininity and inner peace.

Keep scrolling to find out more about it's rich history and healing properties, or to see how you can introduce this precious stone to your growing collection of body adornments.


Brass ear weights with mother of pearl detailing


Let's start from the beginning shall we, what exactly is Mother of Pearl?

Just like real pearls, Mother of Pearl is an organic substance created inside of Molluscs such as Oysters, Mussels and Abalone shells. It is the colloquial name given to the iridescent object that forms on the inner layer of these shells, commonly known as nacre, which protects the mollusc from potential threats.

However, unlike pearls which are created entirely out of nacre, Mother of Pearl refers specifically to the nacre-coated inner shell of the mollusc. They do share some similarities though. Just like pearls, Mother of Pearl is typically cream but can be found in a variety of different colours such as grey, black, blue, green and yellow. One of the best things about this stone is that no two pieces are the same, guaranteeing uniqueness! You can see this individual beauty in such pieces as our Narra Wood & Pearl Winged Ear Expander, see how the colour subtly changes from cream to yellow, with even some hints of orange?


Narra Wood and Pearl Winged Ear Expander



Dark wood and mother of pearl ear plugs



Brass and mother of pearl ear plugs




The history of Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl dates back to ancient times, with evidence of the ethereal material being highly regarded to honor royalty in Mesopotamia as far back as 2600 B.C.

Similar to the Mesopotamian culture, Mother of Pearl was also used to honour royalty and the upper class in Ancient Egypt, China and was one of the most common materials used by Native American tribes - and is still present in several tribes to this day.

We've embraced this opulence in our Maharani teardrop ear plug design - embellished plugs that will channel your inner king or queen!


Gold brass and mother of pearl plugs, teardrop shape with a drop earring



White and mother of pearl plugs in a teardrop shape, with drop earrings



Fake ear stretchers in wood and mother of pearl.


The meaning of Mother of Pearl

Just like how the iridescent narce protects the mollusk, Mother of Pearl is considered a protection stone, bringing the gentle healing power of sea to those who wear it.

It's calming and stress relieving properties help to bring peace by relaxing, soothing and comforting the emotions whilst helping to ease stress and feelings of aggression. Why not try our K'an Ear Plugs to offer some motherly protection and banish negativity in your life? These wooden plugs are available in both brass or silver plated and are adorned with a shimmering sun of mother of pearl.

Hinduism links Mother of Pearl to the feminine form of God and therefore this stone is commonly seen as a symbol of femininity, signifying beauty, grace and elegance.


Wood, gold brass and mother of pearls plugs



Wood, silver and mother of pearl plugs



Brass and mother of pearl tunnels


How to care for Mother of Pearl

Last but not least lets talk about how to care for your Mother of Pearl jewellery.

The best way to clean Mother of Pearl is to simply wipe it with a soft cloth such as a microfibre jewellery cloth whilst either ever so slightly damp or dry. 

Like with many precious stones, cleaning Mother of Pearl is something to be done with a gentle touch and a caring manner. It's best to avoid getting the piece too wet as well as avoiding harsh substances, including soaps and jewellery cleaners as the harsh chemicals will most likely dull your shimmering stone.

For organic piercing jewellery such as our Horn & Mother of Pearl Ear Stretcher you can gentle clean with a soft piece of fabric, such as silk, and some olive oil - this will help keep the shine of the horn without damaging the Mother of Pearl.


Horn and mother of pearl ear stretcher



Brass and mother of pearl ear weights


Will you be adding Mother of Pearl jewellery to your accessory rotation? Tag us in your photos @tribalikuk as we LOVE to see you styling your pieces.

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