Our 2022 Festival Style Guide

Our 2022 Festival Style Guide

Finally, festivals are back! We are SO excited to be able to dance, sing and party with each other again at these awesome events that we have missed so much. 

To celebrate we've put together a little style guide for some of our favourite upcoming festivals. Get some inspiration and see how we'll be styling our Tribalik treasures this summer.


Now, we all know that the Great British Weather is horribly unpredictable, but never more so than for a June festival (any rockers among you will know the joke of 'Drownload' Festival) so for Glasto we suggest minimalist picks with a touch of grunge to help get you fashionably through the almost certain downpours.

Small to medium sized hoops like our Tribalik Ceremony earrings will be perfect - with 9 punky spikes to make you stand out from the crowd. Pair these with an ornate septum ring such as our Terena Septum Ring. Don't have your septum pierced? Don't worry! Tribalik has a wide range of fake septum rings for those who don't want the commitment of a piercing.

Alternative Male Model Wearing our Ceremony Spiked Earrings in Silver

Gold Septum Ring with Ornate Detailing


Set deep in the rolling hills of the Leicestershire countryside lies a holistic environment ready to feed your mind, body and soul. Noisily Festival!

We think an ear layering look with nods towards nature would be perfect for this setting. Our animal inspired Xcales Ear Weights through classic Stainless Steel Gold Tunnels set up the look. Decorate the rest of your ear piercings with our fabulous range of body rings and threadless ends. This Stainless Steel Flower with Crystal is a Tribalik favourite!

 Alternative model wearing Tribalik Xcales Ear Weights

Stainless Steel Flower Threadless Ends with Crystal


Anthropocene is the theme for Boom's rescheduled 25th Anniversary celebration. An invitation to reflect on the ways we disturb the earth and a call to action on both individual and collective levels.

This eco-conscious environment will no doubt have you appreciating the stunning scenery around you which includes the gorgeous Idanha-a-Nova Lake. For those who are likely to take a dip or two (which let's face it, who wouldn't?!) we suggest keeping things minimal with jewellery less likely to tarnish from water exposure. Stainless Steel is a great option for this and here at Tribalik we have a wide range to choose from. Try our Stainless Steel Belly Bar with Black Resin to embellish your navel and our Stainless Steel Dotted Crown Tunnels for your stretched ears. Complete the look with a statement piece to remove whenever you hit the water like our stunning Barbed Wire Pua Earrings.

Barbed Wire Pua Earrings

Stainless Steel Belly Bars with Black Resin Detailing


For Modem festival we've been inspired by the awe-inspiring art and visuals that surround the site - from intricate wooden structures to futuristic neon visions and psychedelic illuminations. 

Tribalik's range of threadless ends are perfect to adorn your piercings; whether you want to combine for an ear layering look or mix and match with your facial piercings! Silver Threadless Labret with Opalite Stone and Silver Threadless Labret with Wine Crystal are two of our favourites, but click here to view the full threadless end range! Finish the look with some natural wooden ear stretchers like our Brass and Wood Wing Expander.

Silver Threadless End with Wine Coloured Crystal

Brass and Arang Wood Wing Expander


Another anniversary special, this year's Shambala festival is celebrating 20 years of adventures and we're inspired by maximalism for this look: think loud, proud and colourful!

Make a statement with Tribalik's newest collection - our Mamacita and Monastery hoops are perfect accessory for your bold festival outfits! Pair with some embellished tunnels such as our Sun Ray Brass Sun Mandala Ear Tunnels to complete the look.

Alternative model wears large gold hoop earrings that say 'Mamacita' in an italic font

Sun Ray Sun Mandala Brass Tunnels for Stretched Ears

Burning Man

Burning Man, more than a festival, a community where tens of thousands of people gather to create Black Rock City 'a temporary metropolis dedicated to community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance' where everyone is welcome.

This year's Burning Man theme is Waking Dreams: exploring both the literal and figurative transformative power of dreams. Here at Tribalik we immediately thought of our Sandstorm collection and its glorious range of plugs adorned with intricate metalwork and magical shells. Take a look at Xiuhpilli, K'an and Xochitl.

For those who want a statement piece for their look we suggest a Tribalik best seller, the stunning Sahara Earrings available in Gold, Silver and Rose Gold!

Wood Ear Plug with Shell and Gold Sun Ray Detailing, photographed on a shell

 Naomi King wearing Tribalik Sahara Earrings in Gold.

We hope you've been inspired by some of our style picks! Remember to tag us in your photos @tribalikuk as we LOVE to see you styling your pieces.

Keep your eyes peeled for part 2 of our festival blog where we will be discussing tips and tricks to make the most of your experience!

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