Tribalik Lock Down Style

Tribalik Lock Down Style

Shop our customer's stunning lock down looks

Thank you so much for your stunning photos you are taking during lock down. We have so very much enjoyed them, so I had to share them here as they are inspiring. Beautiful beings all of you. Keep on shining.

Tribalik ear weights

tribalik_gold_septum_clicker_600x600heart gold septuminfinite gold ear weights

 @0nelove0neheart0nedestiny from instagram

I love this shot, chilled out yet supreme lock down glamour, and the mix with our prime pieces of jewellery is just exquisite! Thank you. Wearing our Dimensional Brass Hoop Earrings- Infinite 3D at £60. I love these ear weights, there's nothing quite like them.

She's also wearing some stunning septums available here: Heart Mandala gold plated septum ring £25 and our classic gold plated stainless steel seamless piercing ring only £15.


inca tribalik earrings

Inca earringsseptum gold

Look by @virgovagabond

Sexy yet tough chica, nice look, we love it! Great teaming of our Gold Earrings with Sterling Silver Pin- Inca £35 and gold lotus septum £25

gold ear weights

orion gold ear hoops ear weights

Featuring @twentysecondwhipser
I love these classic ear weights, great for daily wear but maintaining the glamour chilled lock down chic. In our stunning Orion hoop ear weights. These ear weights are so classic! £65

septum gold

brass earringsbrass septum ring

We just love @enraizate.
Naturally stunning in our classic but great Tribalik  gypsy earrings and gold septum ring. 

ear plugs pearl

pearl and wood ear plugs

Turquoise perfection @sabbycakez

She wears these plugs so well and they're a classic at Tribalik in our pearl and Arang black wood ear plugs. Only £8

At Tribalik our web is still flowing thanks to your support. We run our fair trade business with high running costs and a very tight margin so all your business has been fully appreciated and we give thanks from the bottom of our hearts.

It was a scary time back in March when all this kicked off, when we didn't even know what a pandemic meant, kept thinking we were about to wake up from some dystopian nightmare to a more preferable view. Perhaps a field of flowers and green grass in a wonderful festival, adorned with our stunning body jewellery! Wow, it's amazing to realise that the beauty of connection we felt in festivals was even more magical than we realised now it's been taken away for this year.... What a way to count our blessings and reassess our place on this beautiful green planet. 

Hold in there, there's so much negative social media and news out there, we've got to stop absorbing it and letting it affect our outlook. We will get out of this mess and we will experience all the beauty we had almost taken for granted. Those of us willing to open our minds, will also consider our impact on the planet and how fragile our existence is. How limited the capacity of our government institutions have of actually keeping us safe, so to take action for ourselves to choose our path from now on. 

All our orders are going out as usual but with extra hygiene measures in place. Due to COVID-19 couriers have a reduced workforce so they are taking longer to get your items to you as are customs. However they are getting your items to you in a safe fashion.

We're also thinking daily of those working harder than ever during this time, the front line staff who don't have the luxury to spend time at home and who are putting our needs first and themselves at risk. We are also thinking of those who live hand to mouth, who had no savings and now have little or no government support in their home countries or where they are stuck while this madness has enveloped the world. We are donating some funds to the fatherlands in Mexico to projects to make sure those most in need get food and supplies, I hope it's enough.

Keep safe, keep being nice to each other and please keep posting your fabulous lock down looks! We love them they are really cheering us up. See you in a field soon! 

Love the Tribalik Team

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