Tribalik Spring Summer 2019

Our Spring Summer 2019 Collection

Sacred Burn

This season we wanted to bring you a stunning variety of inspiring pieces from high carat precious metals and crystals to intricate Rajasthani work and versatile tribal body piercings. I think we have succeeded in providing a perfect collection to celebrate our regal beauty and truly enjoy another epic summer in perfect Tribalik Style.

gold regal ringtribalik-brass-ear_weights

Gold Brass Ring- Goddess £12            Tribal Gold Ear Weights £75

Rajasthani Tribal Nomads and Regal Style

We have been working with incredibly talented craftspeople in Rajasthan bringing you parts of this new collection. We met nomadic tribal gypsy women who's style with their floating mirrored skirts and delicately detailed golden jewellery perfectly reflected their elegance. As they spun barefoot and contorted their bodies with their traditional tribal dances, or chatted loudly in the bazaars with their clothing, tribal jewellery and eyes shining in the desert sun our inspiration grew. We've created rings, ear weights and earrings reflecting their beauty and also featuring designs from the royal palaces and temples of the region. Regal elegant meets gypsy style. 

Precious Metals

solid silver tribal jewellery

We're working more and more with precious metals so your skin can experience the best and more sensitive metals. We have high carat gold and solid silver bangles and piercings so you know you are buying the best energy and investment for your body. These endure water and sweat better which is a big part of our coming summer. We have some incredible statement jewellery that will stand out from the crowd and last a lifetime. 

spiky rajastani solid silver banglegold tourmaline ring

Silver Solid Bangle                                 Gold plated Tourmaline Ring

Versatile Body Jewellery

We've also included many new pieces of body jewellery which we are proud to say can be used in almost any body piercing. 22 carat solid gold threaded pins are a great new design for all types of piercings including medusa, labret, tragus, nose piercings and many more. The highest quality of metal which has a back screw into the end so that your piercing stays secure and is even more hygienic, internally threaded pins. We've also created solid silver rings with some crystals for your nose, rook, daith, tragus and many more. These versatile piercings are a great option so layer up your ears with tribal style. 

versatile tribal ring gold 22k threaded piercing stud

Sterling silver Opalite ring                  22 Carat Solid Gold Pearl Internally                                                                           Threaded Stud

Some more of our Favourites

lotus golden charmcrystal_bracelet_brass_cuff_

Lotus Gold Charm Pendant                  White Crystal and Gold Bracelet



We had the honour of completing the photo shoot on Mexican Soil under the hot Jaliscan sun in the burnt maize fields at the foot of the mountains. Such an inspiring environment! Our photographer was the amazing Alfredo Suarez

Do let us know what you think of our new collection, your feed back is always invaluable to us. Let us know what you would like to see in our next collection. Enjoy, we give you Sacred Burn! 

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