Our Ethical Local Brand Christmas Gift Guide Recommendations

Our Ethical Local Brand Christmas Gift Guide Recommendations

Hello it's us again, we are the founders of the Tribalik brand and are doing a couple of features introducing ourselves, our team what we stand for and what we love. Please read part 1 here which tells you more about the above and some of our favourite pieces for gift giving this Christmas. To recap... We are Sarah and Diego the founders of Tribalik who live in Brighton, UK and sometimes our other homeland Mexico... more on that soon. We have a stunning family team of staff based in Brighton U.K. who work hard to provide the best customer service and support to ourselves and our customers, we are very proud of how we work.

We have also just released a brand new Xmas 19 collection with some of our unique designs that we have in very limited pieces, they all come in recycled or biodegradable beautiful boxes or bags so you need not rewrap. Jewellery is small so takes up less space that other items so is more economical to send, or pop into our Brighton stores to take a look, both on Sydney Street.

We thought we would mention here some other of our favourite brands we LOVE and think would work as amazing Christmas gifts.

1) L.O.M. I just literally LOVE their leotards. Two of my friends adorned these as their second fun outfit at their weddings and I was blown away by their funky style. I know it's Christmas and it seems too cold to wear a leotard but if you want to dazzle everyone this new years eve and wear under jeans or skirts until you feel warm enough to strip off, this is your thing. As a gift, just wow, what more could a person want! So hint away for these beauties. They also have jumpsuits and all that jazz. And they come with all the ethical prerequisites that allow me to recommend them! 

LOM festival leotard tribalik recommendation

2) On a practical note and if you don't want to encourage overconsumption of products why not go for something essential. Everyone I know uses some form of beauty product so why not treat them to the best. Brighton is full of brands selling handmade natural ethical and vegan beauty care products and I love them all. Neil's yard is now a world famous brand and I love their beauty balm and body scrubs BUT truly my favourite place to buy beauty products is Infinity Foods Brighton. They are only based in Brighton, sorry, but I am sure you have a local wholefoods store stocking even locally made beauty stuff. Infinity foods have facial beauty balms made locally for about a third of the price of Neil's Yard and they have made my skin stunning! They now have lip balms, makeup collections, face masks and luscious body scrubs to scrub off all that dead skin that accumulates over the cold winter months!

inifinity foods brighton tribalik recommends for Christmas

3) Eden perfumes. They are a London and Brighton brand which we are all addicted to! They do lovely vegan perfumes which they create from essential oils. You can go and buy one of their 100s of scents in a glass bottle or even create your own. I can't recommend them enough, we just keep refilling our bottles to smell delicious! You can also order online

eden perfumes tribalik recommendation

4) If you want minimal consumption this Christmas why not buy your loved one a yoga voucher? I love Space yoga studio near Preston park. The first time i went to yoga there I cried. It is a yoga venue literally suspended inside one of the most beautiful churches I have ever seen and the lessons are top notch. Each teacher and class is wonderful. If you don't live in Brighton then I'm sure you have a centre local to you. Or even a subscription to an online yoga tutorial group! For those living away from cities.

space yoga studio brighton

5) Fugu shoes by cool Japanese shoes. You know when you buy something and you're like "that's it forever, I now have the perfect essential item and I will never need to look for another.." That's how much I frigging love these boots. They have lasted in perfect condition for a year in all weather, are super unique and comfortable and go with any outfit! 

cool japanese shoes tribalik recommedation

6) Finally one more local recommendation we couldn't resist to namedrop our favourite massage space. Chutima has been massaging us for years in Brighton and she runs the most zen and beautifully calming massage place ever. She has basically ruined any massage we get anywhere else as she and her whole team are fantastic. We were even disappointed with massages in Thailand as they weren't as good as Chutima's! They really sort out all your aches and pains and make you feel like you are walking on air for days after. If you don't live in Brighton I hope you can find a wonderful massage centre as beautiful and helpful as Chutima! They do lovely gift vouchers for all types of massages. 

chutima massage brighton

So those are our gift recommendations for the coming Christmas season! Hope you have a beautiful Christmas basked in love for yourself your family and with respect to the planet that birthed us all. 


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