Self Care in Times of Darkness

Self Care in Times of Darkness

Photo courtesy of Uruz Rise, model Amanda, goddess liberation, jewellery by us. 

What a busy Christmas mentally, physically or materialistically some of us may have had. Christmas serves its purpose as a little escapism to take us out of the darkest time of year and fill our houses with twinkling lights, candles and general merriment. But for some the anti climax after Christmas can be a bit intense.

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Some people relish the months of darker mornings and evenings, cosying in and embracing the months of hygge.... If you don't know what that means it was a very 2018 term meaning so much that there are books written about it. It's a Danish Norwegian lifestyle trend that congrours up pictures of white washed wooden interiors with blazing fires, woolen jumpers, candles, cosy day beds and people reading books and playing board games for days. It is the word for a mood of coziness with feelings of wellness and contentment.

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I have a friend, maybe an introvert, who loves winter, the chance to be indoors and away from it all and to escape the expansiveness of the outdoors. Of course there is so much to be embraced from experiencing or practising hygge this time of year or in fact throughout the year when our cycles or needs drive us to surrender and be introverted. But for some of us this time of year can be a challenge, glimpses of which start in November as the nights really draw in. We miss the sun, being outdoors, the social events, the warmer months and our friends. Especially if we have children and or if we live in small darker spaces this time can be so hard. So while I fully appreciate and support the need to retract and rejuvenate our souls during the darker months, I also fully identify with the need for some of us to simply survive this period of time. So here's my survival checklist to get through this period. I would love you to add to it!

1) Get outdoors. This is so important it is literally vital. Even if you have to sell your car so you walk or cycle, sign up to a walking group or get super into a podcast to get you out the house at the crack of dawn to run or walk (even though dawn is around 10 am for some of us far North) it's so important. Surround all your weekend social activities around getting out for a walk. 

2) Lights, fairy lights, fires indoors, chimeneas outdoors, or have a firepit or just make a fire in the woods on a sunday afternoon. It really is your sun in winter. 

3) Take vitamin D. You can get vegan versions, they're not cheap but they're worth it. As you know this comes from the sun, or meat or mushrooms apparently but is vital and we lack it in winter.

4) Get out socially. If your friends have gone so far into their hibernation you fear they have turned into slippers watching netflix then find your own way to get out of the house. Join an evening language group, a yoga class, candlelit yoga or kundalini is my favourite. It is a lush way to enjoy the winter months and a weekly schedule is worth the effort.

5) Kirtan deserves it's own mention! I only discovered this last winter and oh my god.... I cried the first three or four times I went and just let it all out. What is Kirtan? I sort of love that I don't totally know, but it is spiritual devotional singing. It comes from your soul. It is hippy spiritual choir singing karaoke and I love it. My local group is called the Brighton Kirtan Group, obviously in Brighton, UK and is run by the lovely Gratia. Also watch the film Mantra, it explains while kirtan is being loved the world over.

6) Ecstatic dance/ 5 rhythms. There is something very healing about getting out to dance. This is a beautiful sober way to express your emotions through dancing, and just to have an amazing jam. Facebook is a good way to find local groups.

7) Get to a gig, same as previous point, but just get outside to a gig and enjoy the sound of the music, and yes screw it a bit of booze can help loosen those hips.

8) CBD oil. This stuff is amazing. I ignored the hype for years until I found myself during last winter having some strange and worrying wobbles mentally. A few times when I felt really bad I tried CBD oil and 20 minutes later I felt a sense of calm and relief. It certainly helps but without the other points it is just a plaster/ band aid covering the wounds.

9) Super self care rituals. Bathing in epsom salts, massaging your body with handmade lotions releases all sorts of love and endorphins. It's so important to do. Skin is our largest organ and needs a lot of care as it can get tired and cold from the harsher weather. Protect and keep it well. 

10) Avoid shit telly. Seriously wtf, Vikings/ Game of thrones are amazing for costumes and cosying up but after a whole dark winter of it last year watching people nightly, being stabbed in the face was not in any way good for my brain. It made it go a bit wonky. Avoid shit telly at all costs. 

Finally remember this season of dark is essentially short. I always start to panic around February as it feels it will never end, and then you start to gets days with warm sunlight on your face. Spring flowers peeping through the earth, warmth imminent. 

Much love to you all during this period, respect to those who relish this period and love and wishes of self care for those who find it more challenging. It has brought tears to my eyes writing this as this time of year is seriously intense for some of us and seems to last forever. I wish that we all find the immense healing and vital knowledge from the lessons winter provides and emerge like butterflies in spring! 

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Much blessings light and healing for the coming months. 




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