Shop The Look - Stunning Styling

Shop The Look - Stunning Styling

Beautifully styled looks, with your favourite Tribalik pieces

We LOVE seeing how you style up our jewellery, curated ears, piercing perfection, bringing your own unique twists! Here's a few of our favorite looks.

Image collage of styled looks with Tribalik Jewellery


Look 1: Naomi King @naomikingoffical

 Naomi King wearing Tribalik Jewellery

We can't get enough of Naomi King's curated ear. She's styled together (from left to right):

18k Yellow Gold Plated Spiral Hoop Earrings - Eternal Miao
A great statement hoop, our Chinese Miao tribe inspired earrings are available in Gold, Silver and Golden Brass with a large stone centerpiece of Abalone or Mother of Pearl. These spiral hoops have floral detailing of complex layered petals with a careful dot work frame. Great through stretched ears or with a gauge of 1.2mm they're suitable for normal pierced ears.

Yellow Gold Plated Daith Ring - Lotus Flower
Our septum rings can be worn through many different piercings, Naomi has styled our Yellow Gold Plated Lotus Flower Septum Ring through her daith piercing, which looks down right awesome! This beautiful ring is inspired by the petals of the sacred lotus flower.

Gold Plated Stainless Steel Ball - Labret
Our gold ball labret bar made in plated stainless steel is ideal for facial piercings such as monroe, snakebites, cyber bites, madonna and medusa's. Featuring a very sleek, shiny design and a screw on ball. Naomi has styled this through her second lobe piercing.

Look 2: Olivia Harriet @samsaraandthewolf

Olivia Harriet samsaraandthewolf wearing Tribalik Jewellery

The utterly divine Olivia Harriet aka @samsaraandthewolf is rocking a couple of our bestsellers (top to bottom):

22K Gold Plated Earrings for 2mm / 12g Stretched Ears - Mandragora
Featuring a beautiful fractal Mandragora, one of the most written about plants in history with whole books devoted to its properties and its ability to scream when pulled from the ground. These large hoops are available in 18K Rose Gold or Silver with options for Black Horn or Mother of Pearl centrepiece.

Native American Inspired Design - Gold Leaf Ring 
Chunky statement brass ring with a Native American inspired design, set with a brown agate stone enclosed by a leaf and swirls details.


Look 3: Ava Elizabeth @lilithasbones

Lilithasbones wearing tribalik jewellery

 With an eyeliner game we only wish we could match Ava Elizabeth aka @lilithasbones is smashing it in our ear weights and septum ring (top to bottom):

Silver Septum Ring 1.2mm - Cañari
Solid 92.5 sterling silver septum ring handcrafted with a traditional tribal design.

Ear Weights - Geometric Star
These geometric star ear weight and stretcher's design is inspired by sacred geometry. The star featured gently interlope creating a mesmerizing effect. Available in three sizes for standard pierced ears (select smallest size) or slightly bigger stretched lobes. 


Look 4: Jessica Iraclides @jessicairaclides

Jessica Iraclides wearing Tribalik Jewellery

The beautiful Jessica Iraclides showcasing some of our most loved pieces (left to right):

Sterling Silver Push In Pin - Wing Stud
This winged wonder is so versatile, the threadless end boasts a detailed wing design, suitable for many facial and ear piercings. These designs feature an internal thread which is simply pushed shut.

Silver Septum Ring for Pierced Nose 1.2mm & 1.6mm - Heart Mandala 
This stunning septum ring has a heart shaped mandala design, suitable for use in multiple piercings and comes in silver or gold.

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