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Tribalik Yoga Academy

Welcome to Tribalik Yoga Academy in collaboration with yoga teacher Rachel Butler.

Enjoy our very first video where Rachel will guide you through this pleasant and relaxing workout. Bring some peace and tranquillity to your life and spend some quality time with yourself!

At Tribalik we believe that calm and peaceful mind equals happy and healthy body and yoga is the perfect way to achieve it. Daily yoga practices can not only improve your strength, balance and immune system but also boost your metabolism, help you focus, relax, reduce anxiety - and that's just a tip of the iceberg of yoga benefits!

Well-being, happiness and health are our core objectives at Tribalik and we always try to project them to our customers, whether it's through sharing positive content on social media, engaging in conversation and getting to know people in our stores or stocking jewellery that features sacred geometry, healing gemstones and more. Our Yoga collection is a perfect way to immerse yourself in a wonderful world of spirituality and meaningful designs brought to you straight from Eastern culture. So what are you waiting for? Get moving and start your journey to better you now!

Share your yoga with us on Instagram with hashtag #TYA, or head on over to our Facebook Page to let us know what you think.

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