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Tribalik warmly welcomes you to our Blog with this powerful short video: which gives you an idea of what we are all about- Fair Trade, hand carved gems made with LOVE for your pleasure. We have a number of exciting projects coming up in the near future that we cannot wait to share with you all, but for the moment we shall focus on one... Our first endeavor (happening very soon) involves the wondrous world of YOGA, we'll be working along-side some truly inspiring professional yoga teachers to help make you feel fantastic. Life can be stressful and tough sometimes, and with the help of our Yogi teachers we can help reduce negativity and replace it with relaxation and tranquility. Of course we are going to incorporate our symbolic, spiritual jewellery and precious gemstones pieces we have to offer at Tribalik and explain which ones are particularly useful and meaningful for certain situations.

A happy body and mind means a beautiful soul (inside and out). We believe you guys, our awesome customers, are lovely and truly deserve to shine. So if you want to get involved we'd love to hear what you think and if you'd like to contribute to our new Tribalik Yoga Academy just get in touch or tag #TYA. Soon we'll get moving with our first Blog from the gorgeous Rachel, watch this space.

Begin our journey and get inspired, remember CELEBRATE, DECORATE and EXPRESS!...

Love and Light

Tribalik xx

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