For more information please see our delivery and returns policy.

I haven’t received my order what do I do?

Please see our domestic and returns policy for more information on delivery times. Please contact us for domestic orders after you have received your shipping confirmation and waited the suggested amount of time. For international orders it can take up to 21 days including delays in customs.Do also make sure you check your emails and spam as we often contact you if your address is incorrect or your item is out of stock.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes we do.- For more information please see our Delivery and Returns page here. You will be able to get an estimate of shipping costs after adding items to your cart.

Do I receive a tracking number?

On UK orders we send all orders over £40 tracked, under £40 you need to pay for tracked mail. Internationally it's over £70 unless you have purchased tracked mail at checkout. You will receive an email with your tracking number after your order has been dispatched. Please track via royal mail.

What if I put the wrong address?

Until we receive the item back from the wrong address we can't refund or resend it to you, this can take up to six weeks. We do check all UK addresses so if it's correct we send it. 


What type of payments do you accept?

You can pay as a guest or log in and register as a customer. The latter makes it easier for you to log back in and check your order information. You can pay by card or by paypal account. Scroll down and pay by card if you prefer. We accept all major credit cards you can are billed in pounds which will be exchanged into your local currency.

Can I pay over the phone?

Yes you can. Email us at orders@tribalik.co.uk and we will call you to take your order by card payment. Or call us on 01273 689393

Are products sold as pairs or individuals?

Products sold as a pair are marked with (SOLD AS PAIR) or otherwise mentioned in their description. For items mentioned as sold individually, please select "2" under product quantity to order a pair.

I need to change or cancel my order.

Please contact us as soon as possible as we often ship your orders within 24 hours and will endeavor to cancel your order. If it is a weekend we will see your email before we send on Mondays.

I haven’t received an order confirmation has my order been processed?

When you place an order you'll receive two emails from us; one to confirm your order and one to say it’s been shipped. If you haven't received them, please check your junk mail. If your item was sent tracked do check for a postcard through your home letterbox from royal mail which they will have left in case you weren’t home. They will have tried to contact you for re delivery.

Can I exchange or return my items?

Yes you can on all non worn and non used items. Just contact us within 14 days via orders@tribalik.co.uk and we will give you our free domestic returns information. If you are international you need to bare the return postage cost yourself. Make sure in your return you put the return code, order number, reason for return or exchange and your name, address and contact information.

I have received the wrong item or a faulty item.

Please contact us asap so we can rectify the situation. It is helpful if you give us your order and contact information and a photo of the item received.


Discount codes or vouchers.

Discount codes can’t be used in conjunction with other discounts, vouchers can be used with discounts. If you don’t use your whole voucher at one time you can use the rest later, within the designated period of time. Please enter the code for these at end of your order before you check out.

How can I get a discount?

Sign up to our newsletter where we send out occasional offers or new item information. You can also follow us on




I am a blogger/ influencer and I would like to work with you.

Please do get in touch orders@tribalik.co.uk and put your followers amount in the title. We love to work with new people.

I have sensitive skin what material or metals can I use?

The best material for your skin is organic, this can be wood, bone, horn or shell. We also suggest stainless steel also known as surgical steel or gold and silver. You can search for these metals on our site. People rarely have allergies to these but if you are concerned do get tested. We also have brass and white bronze metals which are fine as fashion jewellery providing you don’t have any specific allergies.

How do I stop my jewellery from tarnishing?

It is best to keep your jewellery away from moisture and take off when bathing or washing up. Organic materials bode best when worn constantly and precious metals are usually fine. If you want to improve the shine on metal jewellery or they have been worn a long time you can use specialist jewellery polish, you can find natural ones online. Or some people use lemon juice or even bicarbonate of soda to add some more shine to their older pieces. Metals such as brass can tarnish or leave marks particularly after being in contact with moisture, usually this happens with first wear and is then fine.

Septum piercing advice

Please do contact a professional piercing for advice.

Your septum is usually pierced with a ring of 1.6mm / 14 gauge. This is to ensure it is wide enough for your skin to heal around the piercing rather than reject it. So make sure you wear this size for at least 6 weeks to 3 months depending on your skin's ability to heal itself before you change jewellery. Septum jewellery made with brass, gold and silver when in close contact with moisture can tarnish or occasionally can irritate your nose.This is due to the piercing being in cartilage and in close contact to moisture. If you keep your piercing clean and you don't have any allergies to these metals you should be fine. We also stock surgical steels which don’t tarnish in contact with water. You can also avoid tarnishing your piercings by cleaning them with natural jewellery polish. They will then shine like new.

Stretching Guide

Please do contact a professional piercing for advice.

We recommend starting with a 2 mm starter stretcher on pierced ears which have fully healed. You should always clean the earring and area first with anti bacterial liquid. Slowly insert your starter piercing. Clean daily while healing. We recommend only stretching a mm at a time. Organic natural stretchers such as shell are perfect for stretching as they irritate your skin the least. Make sure you keep moving the piercing around to ensure it doesn't stick. Wait until you ear has completely healed around the stretcher, this often takes a few weeks, then stretch further or purchase the next size up. The spirals are great as they often start at about 2mm and can stretch right up to 4mm or larger.

Keep an eye on our blog and our you tube page for more details advice for stretching and piercings.