Ear Plugs for over 24mm Stretched Ears or 1 inch to 50mm

Ear Plugs for over 24mm Stretched Ears or 1 inch to 50mm

This guide is for our more dedicated stretched ear tribe of 24mm and above, which is around 1 inch. There is so much you can do to adorn your ears once they get to this size it is incredible to see, enjoy and experiment with. We get so inspired when there is so much surface area we can work with! So much imagination and beauty arises from this for us. Please do check out some but not all of our best pieces for sizes 24mm and above.

Many customers ask us what plugs, tunnels or saddles we have for stretched ears over 24mm so look no further; below is your guide to some of Tribalik's best larger gauge jewellery pieces. We don't have all sizes in 24mm and over but we are working on it and many of our sizes are up to 50mm and above. You can adorn your ears with plugs, tunnels, saddles or layer with a variety of earrings . You can wear ear weights or earrings alone and go for the hanging ear lobe look which personally I enjoy on certain days. The world is your oyster here and we are blessed to adorn you.

In our new collection Sandstorm we have really focused on larger sizes to satisfy our larger lobed beautiful customers so please do take a look and you can filter your size via our magical filter drop down menu from just above the list of products. You can now select singles or pairs when you buy from us along side the size you need. You can also choose single of one size and single of another.  


naomi king stretched ears above 24

The stunning Naomi King wearing our 22k Gold Plated Earrings Sahara £75 from our new collection Sandstorm through some wooden tunnels.





Click here for a definitive list of our plugs, tunnels and saddles for sizes over 24mm available September 2021 subject to availability. 

The best over 24mm ear plugs from our new collection Sandstorm.

This collection was inspired by the colours, clothing, people and their tattoos of the desert. Golds, silvers, stones, circling designs found in the many tattoos of those regions. We hope you love it as much as we do. Click on the products to find your perfect pieces.

Organic Wood, Silver Plated and Mother of Pearl Ear PlugOrganic Wood, Brass and Mother of Pearl Ear Plug- K'an
Organic Wood and Brass Abalone Stretched Ear Plug- Xiuhpilli Organic Wood and Silver Plated Abalone Ear Plug- Xiuhpilli
Organic Wood and Brass Mandala Stretched Ear Plug- Xochitl  Organic Wood and Silver Mandala Stretched Ear Plug- Xochitl

The best 24mm and over ear plugs and tunnels in stone or shell.

Semi precious stones and gentle calming shell plugs and tunnels are literally the best energetically and actually we find hygienically perform the best for your ears. Click on each image to get a full low down or purchase the product. Lapiz is perfect for the times we are in now, with great anti inflammation properties and fights for the respiratory and nervous system. Jade, needs little introduce and has traditionally been used in stretched lobe jewellery certainly in the Mexican Mayan and Aztec times. Amethyst stone is said to promote serenity and calm. Shells strengthen the body and heart of the wearer. These will change your mood and ear stretching journey.  

Lapis Lazuli Stone Ear Plug Jade Stone Ear Tunnel | Eyelet
Amethyst Crystal Ear Plugs Wooden Ear Plug With Abalone Shell

The best over 24mm ear saddles. 

These gorgeous ear saddles work so delightfully in the stretched lobe lover's ear. They are such a unique shape and they give such a different look. We have them in tribal wood and metal materials. I love the shape these give the larger stretched ears. 

Wooden Ear Saddle-MedusaWooden Ear Saddle-Luna
Silver Plated Brass Ear Saddles - Luna Brass Ear Saddle - Tunnel Gauges - Luna

A selection of some of the rest of the best. 

A mixture of wood, silver plated tunnels and classic golden stainless steel. So much more to be enjoyed here so please do check out the rest of our over 24mm selection. These are some of our best sellers which are classically stunning. We appreciate your custom and feedback so always drop us a line of chat to us on socials

SOLAR ORGANIC Wooden Ear Tunnels  Stainless Steel Gold Tunnel / Eyelet Stainless Steel Gold Tunnel / Eyelet Stainless Steel Gold Tunnel / Eyelet Stainless Steel Gold Tunnel / Eyelet Stainless Steel Gold Tunnel / Eyelet Stainless Steel Gold Tunnel / Eyelet

Solar Organic Ebony Wood and Brass Ear Tunnel/ Eyelet Woven Mandala Silver Plated Ear Tunnel-Eyelet

Ear Weights

We also have an awesome selection of ear weights and earrings to adorn your stretched ears whether you wear them alone or through saddles or tunnels you won't be disappointed. We have these gorgeously inspiring people showing us how the larger stretched ear lobe trend is set. Couldn't look hotter if you ask me. 

monami frost ear weights https://tribalik.co.uk/products/copy-of-wood-and-brass-ear-weights

22K Gold Plated Hoop Earrings Ear Weights- Copo Brass Ear Weights With Meditating Buddha For 5mm And Above-Mudra

Brass Ear Weights-Flower of Life Hoop Brass And Wood Ear Weights-Celestial


Finally our ever growing earring selection. I sometimes wear these through tunnels or just let them hang in my lobes. Our new Sandstorm collection is without a doubt our best yet, these times have been hard but wow what have we created! Urban meets desert, would ❤️ love to see these on you all. 

Silver Plated Earrings Barbed Wire- Pua 22K Gold Plated Earrings-BoaRose Gold Mandala Hoop Earrings- Endless Summer Sterling Silver Tribal Earrings- Gypsy


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Much love 💕 


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