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Silver Plated Brass Ear Saddles - Luna

Silver Plated Brass Ear Saddles - Luna

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Silver plated brass horseshoe shaped saddles for stretched lobes with a shiny affect. These gauges offer a different style than standard tunnels or plugs. Due to the ergonomic shape they are extremely comfortable for you stretched lobe beauties to wear! Earrings including heavy ear weights can rest perfectly on these. You can wear these either smaller than your stretched ear size and rest them in the hole or the same size. Either way looks incredible.

  • Colour: Silver
  • Material: Brass Silver Plated
  • Size: Various, please select
  • To fit your size it's very important that you slide the saddles in from the top side where the flare is smaller and then slowly twist them around.
  • Please note due to the large flare if your stretched lobes are smaller than 18mm and or don't stretch easily I recommend buying one size smaller than your actual size. 
  • Sold individually or a pair. Please select below.

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