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How to Layer your Piercings/ Ear stacking

At Tribalik we have a stunning range of ear piercings, multi piercing rings, studs and septum jewellery to layer your nose, ear and even belly piercings.

I personally adore the layering look as you can;

  • leave them in eternally due to their comfort as smaller piercings
  • swim in them
  • sleep in them
  • party in them, all this without any irritation or weight to your ears.

Being a lover of tattoos I like to take my time to think through what my next one will be, with piercings, as many of you know, it's a shorter decision process. Pop along to your favourite piercer anytime you need a pick me up and you have yourself a new look or two with mostly 😝 or no permanent damage unless you choose it. Your piercer will advise on this obviously. 

The most common way to layer your piercings on your ears is to start with bigger rings going slowly up your ear lobe ending in smaller diameter hoops or with studs. You can choose one metal or combine colours, gold, silver, stainless steel, or even add in crystals, colour combinations. We have a world of options for you here at Tribalik to enhance your look. 

Ear piercing rings Tribalik 

Triangle Dots Gold Plated Stainless Steel Multi Piercing Septum Ring £15.00
We also have these stunning multi piercing rings in a variety of colours and sizes for your ears belly or nose. I love multi nose piercings too as adds so much character to the face. 
Multi piercing rings
18k Yellow Gold Plated Silver Seamless Ring £10.00
Marta looks so beautiful in the layering of her facial piercings. 
marta facial piercings
To add to these layers I suggest adding some studs with crystals in the ears or nose to add to the overall beauty of the ear stacking.
ear and nose studs
nose piercings tribalik
septum piercings
ear piercings stacking tribalik
lip piercings
amanda ear stacking
Check out our wide range of ear piercings, belly bars, nose piercings for layering and stacking your body from Tribalik.
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I find your website very helpful you give good advice on how to increase the size of my pleasing and i like your advice on staking I your ears

Trevor Birks

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