Our Ear Weight Love Affair

Our Ear Weight Love Affair

You might have noticed here at Tribalik we love ear weights. They are the jewellery that gives us most pleasure to create. Ear weights are big, bold and stunning, and the very best of statement jewellery, what's not to love?

I used to be a total stretcher girl, then plugs and tunnels were my thing, I would wear earrings through tunnels or ear weights through tunnels. Now I love just wearing ear weights alone, I love the look of the stretched lobes supporting bold earrings or weights.

Sarah Perez owner and founder of TribalikOwner and Founder of Tribalik Sarah wearing our Mata Hari ear weights

It feels noble or even regal, a strong presence and a look that is now seen in our societies as alternative. But in fact is an extremely old custom that was adorned by kings and queens and noble society in distant realms. They were and very much are today seen as a real sign of beauty, wisdom and power. Perhaps that is why ear weights make us feel so amazing and why we are inspired by these older cultures in some of our designs.

ear weights jungle girl
Wild woman Morgin Riley adorning Tribalik Ear Weights Infinite 2

The Ear Weight tradition and history

As you may know ear stretching has been around for 1000s of years. The Mayan civilisations of Mexico used Jade, stone, brass and even gold to adorn and stretch their ears. They believed ear stretching invited spirits into the body.

Later the Aztecs carried on the tradition, where they would add adornments, ear weights heavy enough to stretch the ears. The larger and more beautiful the jewellery, the more nobel the person.

Borneo also had a strong ear stretching tradition as does many parts of Asia and Africa which is still prominent today. Even Lord Buddha is depicted as having stretched his ear lobes. So a new tradition this ain't.

wooden brass ear weights

Zulu - Wood and Brass Ear Weights

What size do my ears need to be stretched to, in order wear Ear Weights?

We love ear stretching jewellery so much we have created a range from just 1.2mm. In fact we find lots of people who've worn heavy earrings over their lives are able to wear our weights which start at 2mm, especially the tapered end ones. Most of us are usually pierced at a 1.6mm. You can buy from a our start stretching collection which is tapered to help get you to a 2mm or alternatively buy ear weights with tapered ends.

Our ear weights at Tribalik have the weight written on the description, if like myself you like a lighter pair we have many to choose from. We have gauges from 2mm which can be worn alone or through tunnels up to 10mm and above. You can filter your size to search for the size you require. 

flower starter ear weights
silver ear stretcherstarter stretcher
These starter stretchers are 1.6mm to 2mm and made from a variety of materials.

Ear Weight materials and designs

We have ear weights available in brass, gold, silver, wood, stone or crystals. We have hooped ear weights, with tribal etching, designs based on Inka, Mayan and Aztec art, and borneo tribal shapes.

We have endless inspiration for this stunning adornment. Wait till you see our summer collection....

ear weights in gold rose gold and silver

Some of our favourite stretched ears inspirational beauties

We were pretty excited to have Monami Frost wear our ear weights! Love her style and her brands of vegan burgers and awesome clothing! You go girl! Wearing Copo Gold Ear Weights which are available in Gold, Silver and Rose gold.

gold ear weights

Fourteenth Grave is a stunning photographer and also any ear weight is blessed to adorn her. She smashes any look, especially wearing our Le Roi Brass Ear Weights a best seller from our AWAKEN Collection.

gold spike ear weights tribalik

Diamante_murru, a woman after our own heart, tattooed and a tattoo artist, vegan and awesome clothing brand owner! She also looks pretty killer in our Dimensional Ear Weights. They're one of our best sellers and you can totally see why!

gold big ear weights hoops

These are my daily favourites and so good we just had to give them a shout out twice! Worn by the stunning tattoo artist, author and vocalist, Naomi King. I love their humour and style. Copo gold plated ear weights.

gold ear weights

Captain Zombie is worth every mention, stunning photos that take my breath away everytime, breaking the mould and expanding it! Thanks for adorning our silver obsidian ear weights Potion. The black obsidian in these ear weights will blow your mind. Also wearing our Monarch tribal etched clicker weights, infinity weights at their finest.

 black ear weights and silver 
Captain Zombie In Monarch Ear Weights

The glistening beauty of Summer solstice. Ion-ique makes us yearn for outdoor festivals and gatherings of beautiful souls! 🧚‍♀️💃☀️🌿 Wearing our Mata Hari Ear Weights. Available in Gold, Silver, Rose Gold and also as standard earrings. All beautifully inlaid with a teardrop carnelian stone. 

gold ear weights

Jaghetermarilia Brazilian beauty and tattooed queen, we simply cannot get enough of her stunning looks. Wearing our Celestial golden brass and narra wood ear weights with a simple yet stunning Inka shaped tribal design. Also she's looking stunning in Tuerca our uniquely designed hexagon ear weights.

Jaghetermillia wearing Tribalik's celestial ear weight
Jaghetermillia in Tuerca Hexagon Ear weights

So if you are starting stretching or you are a pro and you need any advice regarding our ear weights please do get in touch via socials or email orders@tribalik.co.uk.

We love feedback from our customers especially on a topic so close to our hearts.

Happy Stretching xxx

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