Collection: Ear Weights & Stretchers

Stretched Lobe Weights, Earrings and Stretchers

We have authentic tribal ear stretchers, ear weights, ear jackets and newer forms of body ornamentation jewellery for your stretched lobes. We have starter stretchers to start your stretching journey, ear weights to hang from your stretched ears or larger pierced holes and now even our new range of ear jackets and earrings for stretched ears.

Our stretchers range from 1.2mm for starting stretching to upwards of 50mm. Our weights go up to around 75 grams a piece.

We use natural precious and innovative materials from vegan organic woods to bone, shell and precious and non precious metals such as stainless steel, rose gold, gold and sterling silver. All our pieces feature Tribalik designs inspired by ancient art and urban body jewellery fashion.

Most ear weights as sold as pairs and stretchers are sold individually. Please read the item description for more details.