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Narra Wood Hoops | Ear Stretchers

Narra Wood Hoops | Ear Stretchers

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Narra wooden hand carved curved hoops for stretched ear lobes. A real Tribalik classic. These stunning style hoops are inspired by traditional jewellery used by tribal people in Africa. The natural organic wooden material is vegan and gentle on your stretched holes and has a beautiful energy. 

  • Colour: Brown
  • Material: Narra wood
  • Diameter, inner size: 4mm-20mm/ 6mm-20mm/ 8mm-18mm/ 10mm-14mm/ 12mm-10mm/ 14mm-15mm/ 16mm-15mm
  • Height, from top to bottom: 4mm-28mm/ 6mm-30mm/ 8mm-35mm/ 10mm-33mm/ 12mm-34mm/ 14mm-42mm/ 16mm-45mm
  • Sizes various, from 4mm up to 16mm, please select below
  • Natural organic material gentle of your stretched skin
  • Sold individually please select two to make a pair. 



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