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Silver Labret Stud Tragus Bar, Threadless End

Silver Labret Stud Tragus Bar, Threadless End

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Sterling silver labret stud or tragus bar also multi facial piercing., Known as a threadless end  with a carefully hand made design depicting the all seeing eye. The all-seeing eye is a symbol of an omniscient entity usually a deity that can see all. Ends with bio plast for gentle piercing backing.

  • Width: of Design 6mm
  • Material: Sterling Silver and Bioplast
  • Length: Of the Bar 6mm/8mm Of Design 3.5mm
  • Wire Width / Gauge: 1.2mm
  • Colour: Silver

Note these come with these bioplast endings as shown, our specially made threadless end titanium ends DO NOT WORK with these piercings only with our newer threadless end pins. 

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