A Selection of Tribalik plugs, tunnels, saddles and expanders

Lobe Love! Our Favourite Pieces Available in Our Buy 1 Get 1 Free Promo!

Calling all the stretched ear enthusiasts! We're celebrating all things stretched ears with a mega Buy 1 Get 1 Free sale on our fabulous range of plugs, tunnel and saddles. We've put together a guide of some of our favourite designs available in this offer!

Organic Wood Designs

Wood is great natural material that is extremely gentle on the ears, perfect for anyone that suffers from irritation with certain metals. We have a fabulous range of organic wooden plugs and tunnels, here's some of our top designs!

Tribalik Organic Wood and Brass Ear Tunnel - Eyelet

Tribalik Narra Wood Ear Plug

Tribalik LABYRINTH Brass & Wood Ear Plugs

Tribalik Brass & Wood Ear Tunnels- Shine

Shimmering Shell Designs

Change your mood with our stunning range of plugs and tunnels adorned with iridescent Abalone and shimmering Mother of Pearl. These gentle, calming shells will strengthen the body and heart of the wearer. 

Tribalik Paua | Abalone Shell & Brass Ear Plug

Tribalik Wooden Ear Plug with Abalone Shell

Tribalik Mother of Pearl Shell & Brass Ear Plug

Tribalik Arang Wood and Mother of Pearl Shell Plug

Tribalik THIRD EYE Paua Shell & White Bronze Ear Plugs

Tribalik Paua Shell & Brass Ear Plugs- Third eye


Tribal Inspired Metal Designs

Our unique range of metal stretched ear jewellery are inspired by tribal design and nature. For some stunningly interesting plugs and tunnels, look no further! Most of our metal designs will be available in a golden brass and a white brass colourway.

Tribalik Bloom Open Flower Brass Ear Tunnels - Plugs - Eyelets


Tribalik Radiance Ornate White Bronze Ear Tunnels - Plugs - Eyelets

Tribalik Solar Lotus Mandala White Bronze Ear Tunnels - Eyelets 4mm - 25mm

Tribalik Desert Queen Ornate Brass Ear Tunnels - Plugs - Eyelets


Earrings Designs

Want a little bit more with your tunnels and plugs? We have a gorgeous range of drop earring designs that satisfy, adorned with Abalone shell, Mother of Pearl and Black shell detailing.

MAJESTIC Abalone Shell & Brass Ear Tunnels | Plugs


Maharani Mother Of Pearl Shell & Brass Ear Plugs with Drop Earrings

Sophisticated Saddles

For those who like ear layering looks with earrings and ear weights, saddles are a great option as they spread the weight along the bottom of the lobe.


Silver Plated Brass Ear Saddles - Luna


Silver Plated Brass Ear Saddles - Raw

Haven't reached your stretched ear goals yet? Don't worry! This amazing offer also includes our fabulous range of expanders to help you on your way to those statement lobes.

Starter Stretchers

For those who are just beginning their stretched ear journey we have a great range of sterling silver and brass expanders in a variety of tribal inspired designs. If you need help with stretching then check out our Ultimate Beginner Guide to get you on the right track!

Small Brass Ear Stretcher for Starting to Stretch or for standard piercings

Sterling Silver Ear Expander

Brass Triangle Spiral Stretcher


Detailed Organic Stretchers

Once you've reached the 6mm + mark you can experiment with some of our adorned stretchers! Made from organic materials such as wood and horn, and adorned with precious stones and bone, these expanders make a statement! All our materials used in these stretchers are ethically and responsibly sourced.

Tribalik Horn & Mother of Pearl Shell Ear Stretcher

Tribalik Narra Wood Hoops | Ear Stretchers

Tribalik Serpent like horn ear stretcher inlaid with coral

Tribalik Brass and Arang Wood Wing Expander

Tribalik Horn Expander Inlaid with Red Coral

Tribalik Wood Spiral Ear Expander Vegan Organic Stretcher Jewellery

This is just a selection of the beautiful plugs, tunnels, saddles and expanders that are currently available in our Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer! Check out the full ranges of Plugs, Tunnel and Saddles here, and the full range of Expanders here.

Some of our products might not be available in certain sizes so it's worth your while filtering your search by your size to make it easier to find your perfect fit!

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*Discount excludes new collections, sale, stainless steel and precious stone jewellery. Offer available until 11.59 pm BST on Friday 30th September.

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