Our Favourite Pieces from Tribalik's BIGGEST SALE

Our Favourite Pieces from Tribalik's BIGGEST SALE

Happy Spring! What a long hard winter that was for some of us, the hardest of our lives times hopefully. The lockdown is lifting, we can see our loved ones and spring is in the air. We know lots of people have had it so hard this winter, with sickness, isolation and financial challenges created by the pandemic. So with that in mind we are doing our biggest ever sale yet. With Tribalik discounts you won't see ever again, and selling out of our last collections so we can move forward to the new season. Once the sale ends many items won't be repeated and many of our bestsellers will go back to their original price so buy now if you can. This is an end of lock down only bonanza if you like.

Plugs and Tunnels For Stretched Ears over 12mm

We have some gorgeous ear plugs and tunnels at the larger sizes. Our smaller sizes of sale items sold out first so it's worth your while filtering your search by your size in plugs and tunnels and you can see our stunning array of stretched lobe jewellery for the larger stretched lobe.

Brass & Wood Ear Tunnels- Shine
Brass & Wood Ear Tunnels- Shine

Shine ear plugs is sizes 12mm- 22mm are possibly my favourite ear plugs ever. From only £10 an absolute bargain. 

Solar Organic Ebony Wood and Brass Ear Tunnel/ Eyelet
Solar Organic Ebony Wood and Brass Ear Tunnel/ Eyelet

 Solar organic wood and brass ear plugs from 6mm up to 50mm. Now only £6. These are starting to run low.

Iron Wood Tunnel

 An iron wood ear tunnel sizes 6mm to 50mm. Stunning and only £6 while stocks last. 

Afghan Organic Ebony and Brass  Ear Tunnel -Eyelet

 Afghan organic ear tunnels in wood with golden brass set in tunnel. Sizes 6mm to 48mm at only £10. 

Silver Plated Lotus Petal Ear Tunnels

Silver plated tunnels in sizes 12mm to 30mm for only £5, this is a super deal. 

Sale Plugs and Tunnels under 12mm

If you are under 12mm with stretched ears I can't recommend these gorgeous plugs which give a teardrop affect but yet have a rounded back. Set with beautiful mother of pearl on white brass. Classic yet unique. Already layered and set to go with the hoop drop from the stretched lobe plug. 

MAHARANI Mother of Pearl Shell & White Metal Ear Tunnels | Plugs

Maharani ear plugs only £15 per piece. 

Chakra Brass Eyelets - Tunnels

The Chakra brass ear tunnels a bargain at only £5. Sizes 6mm to 20mm available while stocks last. 

Paua | Abalone Shell & Brass Ear Plug

 Another stunning ear plug set with abalone shell from 6mm to 20mm for only £7. 

Earrings for Non Stretched Ears

Brass Statement Earrings - Saffron

Saffron earrings at only £40 now. I absolutely love these earrings and we get so much good feedback on how they look. These won't be in the sale for long so grab your bargain now.

Rose Gold Mandala Hoop Earrings- Endless Summer
gold large hoop earrings

Rose gold or yellow gold plated earrings at only £50. I adore these endless summer earrings. We love our hoops at Tribalik. Again these won't stay forever in the sale. 

silver plated dangle earrings triangle

Silver dangling Aja earrings at only £25. 


silver plated earrings
Silver Plated Flat Disc Afghan Mandala Hoop Earrings
AYA Copper Flat Disc Afghan Mandala Hoop Earrings

All these stunning Aya earrings are now between £25 and £28 and are starting to run out so grab a pair now. They are beautiful earrings. 

Ear Weights

And finally as super ear weight lovers that we are here are my fave ear weights in the Tribalik mega sale. 

Gold Brass Ear Weights with White Shell- Miao Miao Chinese Tribal
ear weights

 Miao Miao ear weights only £25. Set in gold brass with mother of pearl shell. These were £50 before the sale!

Brass Ear Weights-Borneo

 These Borneo gold brass ear weights are now only £35.

Brass and Stone Ear Weights

These Alom stone ear weights are now only £50. They are beyond unique and i adore them. 

Other Tribalik Bargains which Won't be in the Sale for Long

blue opalite threadless end

 This threadless end multi piercing pin will not last for long! It is now only £12 and can be used for nose, face, labret medusa. Just select the appropriate end but this will soon be back to it's usual price. 


black gold hoop earrings
silver septums
gold septums
Our beautiful septums are on sale. These certainly won't last and some will go back to normal price any day now. 
Olive Wood Ear Expander
I love this olive wood ear expander in 14mm for £8. So beautiful and unusual in shape. 

The mega sale isn't going to last forever so grab yourself a well deserved bargain.

What's next for Tribalik... we are soon to release our new collection of much anticipated ear weights, earrings and plugs and tunnels. We are so excited about this new collection it has been long in the making and delayed due to the pandemic. It's release will come just in time for the social interactions we've all waited long and hard to enjoy again.

Thank you for supporting us and being our loyal customers over this extremely difficult and exhausting period. We are endlessly grateful. 

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