Our Sustainable Festival Guide

Our Sustainable Festival Guide

Festival season is well & truly under way and here at Tribalik we couldn’t be happier! Last month we put together a fabulous style guide with 6 looks inspired by our favourite upcoming festivals. For part two of our festival celebration blog posts we’re talking about our top tips for a sustainable festival - for you and your Tribalik treasures!

Sustainable Fashion 

One of the best ways to embrace sustainability at a festival is to wear clothes from sustainable fashion brands. For those of you have visited our Brighton or Mexico stores you will have seen our gorgeous range of clothes from ethical fashion brands like Inka and Gekko as well our Tribalik branded garments. All of these clothes are made to last, using natural fibres or up cycled old garments to transform into beautiful unique styles. One of our favourite pieces are these Gekko sari skirts that come in a variety of colour ways. Complete the look with a cute crop top and some statement earrings like the Mamacita or Monastery hoops from our latest collection - Ascend.
Outside of Tribalik, mannequin wearing a yellow/purple patterned skirt with a green crop top
Tribalik Mamacia Earring in gold
Tribalik Monastery earring in rose gold

Sustainable Glitter

Let's face it, a festival wouldn’t be complete without glitter, but most commercial glitter is made from tiny micro plastics which add to the rise of plastic pollution in our oceans. To help prevent this it’s super important to source glitter from ethical companies. Eco Stardust is an eco-conscious company that is a licensed seller of Bioglitter® - a completely unique natural and plant-derived material that is proven to biodegrade in the natural environment. This means you can party away in shimmering style without having to worry about contributing to micro plastic pollution!
A selection of Eco Stardust glitters from the Euphoria Collection

A selection of eco-glitter, © Eco Stardust

Become a truly glittering goddess with our newest piercing drop . Style your septum with Tribalik's Gold Plated Stainless Steel Multi Piercing Septum Ring with Double Mother of Pearl Detailing or try the Black Shell version for those who like things on the darker side. Adorn your labret, medusa, monroe and more with our gorgeous Opalite Triple Cluster, Diamond or Mandala shaped threaded ends.
Gold Plated Stainless Steel Multi Piercing Septum Ring - Double Mother of Pearl
Gold Plated Stainless Steel Flat Back Multi Piercing Pin - Diamond-Shaped Opalite
Gold Plated Stainless Steel Flat Back Multi Piercing Pin - Mandala Opalite

Jewellery Care

Whilst you’re out having fun it’s super important to remember to take care of your jewellery pieces to ensure they last longer than just a long weekend. In our festival style guide we talked about the importance of choosing the correct jewellery for the activities you will be partaking in. For those who will be attending a festival with open water for swimming - such as Boom - you will want to stick to stainless steel options as they are far less likely to tarnish when worn in water. Here at Tribalik we have a fantastic range of stainless steel jewellery for all of your piercings from our gorgeous Black Resin Flower Stainless Steel Belly Bar to our Stainless Steel Flat Back Triangle Spike Multi Piercing and these gorgeous Stainless Steel Threadless End with Crystal Flower.
Stainless Steel 316L Belly Bar - Flower Black Resin
Stainless Steel Flat Back Multi Piercing - Triangle Spike
Stainless Steel Threadless Labret with Crystal - Flower
Want to find out more about jewellery care? Click here to check out our blog post on how to properly look after your Tribalik treasures.

Reducing Waste

It should come as no surprise that festivals are a huge source of pollution, with UK festivals contributing 23000 tonnes of waste in 2019. Because of this, many festivals have put Eco-plans into action to help reduce the waste they produce. Glastonbury has no plastic bottles sold on site and encourages festival goers to bring a reusable one to fill up. Shambala has gone one step further and is completely plastic free. Download has a Greenpeace run eco-camp for those that want to have a waste free festival.

But what can you do to help? Pledge to clean up after yourself, including taking your tent home with you - with our disposable culture and tents being available at very cheap prices, tent waste is a huge problem at festivals. Pack small and efficient, use a resuable water bottle and if possible, bring some of your own snacks to help reduce the food waste you produce. 

Here at Tribalik we are passionate about the environment and doing our bit to help. That's why we package all our orders with limited plastic, and use UK made biodegradable bubble wrap, tissue and recyclable boxes, bags and plastic free envelopes. 

Ascend Collection Earrings

Need some festival style inspiration? Read our 2022 Festival Style Guide or browse our range stunning range of piercings, jewellery, ear weights, & plugs and tunnels.
Two models wearing large silver hoop earrings by Tribalik
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